Alisha Perkins Q&A: I would kick his …

We had the opportunity to ask Minnesota Author and Blogger Alisha Perkins a handful of questions to learn more about what motivates her, how she found herself writing a book, and who would win in a footrace between her and her husband – Minnesota Twins Pitcher Glen Perkins.

RealStoriesMN:  Some might say that women such as yourself — who have embraced their individual platforms to disseminate positive and helpful messages — are instrumental in the ongoing process of empowering individuals, especially women, to succeed and make progress in aspects of life including the pursuit of gender equality. Do you agree? 

ALISHA: “Wow… I think you may be giving me way too much credit. To be honest, I just speak my mind and if people find it inspiring – all the better. You don’t have to agree with me but I do want people to listen.”

RealStoriesMN: You mention you initially got into blogging some years ago. How did that come about and how did you transition from blogging to developing the idea to author a full-fledged book?Running Home

ALISHA: “Honestly I never set out to write a book. I had no business doing it. My degree is in elementary education and I only took the few writing classes that I had to. It was just kind of a natural progression. I wrote a blog post about my “coming clean about my anxiety” and after I received such a positive response I realized that my story wasn’t over and so I started slowly writing more and before I knew it I had a book on my hands.”

RealStoriesMN: Who inspires you?

ALISHA: “My kids are definitely a huge inspiration. I want my girls to realize that they can do anything. They see their dad be so successful in his own right I want them to see that in their mom as well. I think that every one of my family members and friends inspire me in little ways- there are traits of theirs that I wish I possessed and try to emulate to make me a better person.”

RealStoriesMN: What’s the biggest difference in your lifestyle from before you started running compared to after you started running? 

ALISHA: “Putting myself first. I am a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and person when I run. Now that I know that I make sure to make it a part of my daily routine. If something is important you will find a way, if not- you will find an excuse.”

RealStoriesMN: What about in your ‘daily/yearly routine’ now – compared to the lifestyle you lived when Glen was just starting out in minor league baseball? 

ALISHA: “We have a better sense of normalcy now. We are not always in flux- waiting to get moved to the next baseball team and town. The minor league lifestyle is one that can be excruciating for someone suffering from anxiety. I am thankful every day that we are done with that chapter in our life.”

RealStoriesMN: In a hypothetical 40-yard dash between you and your husband – how close would the race be? 

ALISHA: “I like to think I would win but it would probably be too close to call.”

RealStoriesMN: How about if you and Glen were running a 5K or 10K together? Who would win the longer distance? 

ALISHA: “I would kick his ass and he would whole-heartedly agree!”

RealStoriesMN: What is the ‘Prairie Care Child & Family Fund’? Why does it mean so much to you, and how can people get involved by reading your book?

ALISHA: “The Prairie Care Child & Family Fund is a charitable non-profit organization established in 2016 in the Twin Cities. Their purpose is to support the promotion of child and family health and wellness through the provision of grants for education, health promotion, mental health services, and research. They do this through strong community partnerships, health services innovation and compassion for helping to make our communities a happier and healthier place for all to thrive! I recently joined the board of this amazing organization and am excited to help work towards a world where there is no stigma surrounding mental illness and everyone gets the health they need and deserve.”

RealStoriesMN: Another related charitable event that’s close to your heart is the annual “Fifteen’s 5K” event. It’s something that you and Glen started and it’s actually coming up soon?

ALISHA: This year is the fifth annual Fifteen’s 5K. It’s a fun event to benefit the PrairieCare Child & Family Fund. People will have the chance to join Glen, other members of the Minnesota Twins and myself on the day of the race — Sunday, July 31. It’ll be a great opportunity to run a course that winds through downtown Minneapolis and finishes on Target Field. Registration also includes a Twins game ticket for those who sign up by July 17th.

RealStoriesMN: You and your husband are obviously very familiar with Minnesota and the Twin Cities region. Are there any places that you like to visit that you’d consider ‘Hidden Gems’?

ALISHA: “We love eating at The Nook in St. Paul, shopping at Mill City Running, running around the lakes, relaxing out on our pontoon, and you can find us at just about any hockey arena in the state 🙂 “


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